It is a common cargo station where you can receive your cargo 24/7, without contact and hassle-free, and which allows different cargo companies or marketplace companies such as Trendyol and Hepsiburada to drop cargo at the same location. Recipients of incoming cargo easily receive their packages with the code sent to them from the cargo companies. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has been in our lives for about a year and has affected all humanity in a very negative way, has undoubtedly changed the world we live in, our order, habits and wishes to a great extent.

Especially due to precautions and restrictions, people now use e-commerce sites for all kinds of needs. Today, every imaginable need, from grocery shopping to clothing, from cosmetics to electronics, can be easily handled online, from a computer or mobile devices with a few clicks, thanks to shopping platforms.

This has led to an incredible increase in online shopping all over the world during the pandemic and quarantine processes. In the first 6 months of 2019, e-commerce volume increased by 64% compared to the first 6 months of 2018.

This incredible increase in online shopping rates has led to the formation of cargo needs.
Cargomatik, which arises as a solution to all these needs and prevents undesirable situations, is a shared cargo station that makes cargo delivery self-service, can be accessed 24/7 and is monitored by security cameras. Thanks to Kargomatik, those waiting are not the cargo owners, but the cargo. Owners of the packages delivered to the partner cargo station have the opportunity to receive them on the day they want, at any time of the day.

Currently, it can be used in Trendyol shopping. When the cargo is delivered to the partner cargo station selected as the delivery point, the customer is informed by text message. In this way, the customer can receive his cargo in a contactless and secure manner whenever he wishes. Cargoes, which are waiting for their owners safely in locked cabinets, are monitored with 24/7 security cameras, thus preventing all security vulnerabilities. With the contactless delivery feature, it is very easy for you to show the barcode you will receive via the mobile application to Kargomatik and to receive your product from the opened cover.