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What can our team which produces solutions for continuous needs do for you

Blockchain Projects

Together with our expert team, we successfully carry out many NFT, NFT Gaming, NFT Marketplace and Blockchain projects on ETH, Polygon, AVAX, SOL and BSC networks.

Software Development

We specialize in all areas of software and development. We can inform you about any new software or whether you need to update the existing one.

Smart Contract Audit Services

After making a detailed analysis of the contracts with smart contract auditing services, we perform vulnerability checks.

As a global company, we follow developments and produce solutions.

We strive to provide you with the most suitable software solutions for your needs

Our Philosophy

To be a company that provides added value to our country with our quality, sustainable, reliable and innovative services.

Who Are We

Versiyonbir Technology, which has been developing R&D solutions in the private sector for more than 20 years, operates in Ostim Teknopark campus.

We offer our customers innovative services that enable them to compete on a global scale

We strive to be a company that provides added value to our country with our quality, sustainable, reliable and innovative services.

Cryptocurrency Projects

Projects we have realized in the field of crypto money with our experienced software team.

Web3 Apps

Web 3.0 is a decentralized and peer-to-peer version of the internet based on blockchain.

NFT Projects

NFT projects are the first step into the blockchain and metaverse universe journey.

GameFi Projects

GameFi projects; refers to the financialization of video games. It is based on the Play2Earn business model.

In the private sector for over 15 years We develop R&D solutions.

Versionbir Technology started to operate independently in Ostim Technopark campus in 2020.

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Our software and hardware solutions developed for our customers;

We aim to develop maximum customer satisfaction and sustainable solutions by blending our experience in the sector with knowledge and skill.

What we have done and will do we care about needs and communication in all our projects

We Communicate

We discuss with our customers in detail to determine their needs

We Identify Needs

We determine the needs of the company and work for the production of the most optimal solutions

We Bring It To Life

We produce the solutions we produce for the company in the most appropriate way and offer them to use

The Blog

Our blog posts where we provide information about the sector and ourselves

Our address and contact information

Our head office address:

Ostim Teknopark Turuncu Bina OSB Mah. Cevat Dündar Cad. No:1/1/55 Yenimahalle/Ankara

Our phone numbers:

0535 685 3181

Our e-mail address:


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