Genesis Block

The Bitcoin initial block is the most famous Genesis block. The reward of this block is equal to 50 Bitcoin, and this reward cannot be spent in any way. This reward, which cannot be spent, is still said to be in Satoshi Nakamoto. Another surprising issue with this block is the secret message he adds to the Bitcoin Genesis block. Published on January 3, 2009, he added the newspaper title of The Times to the Genesis block. This newspaper headline is about banks.

Features of Genesis Block Structure:

Timestamp: It includes all blocks created from the first block in the blockchain to this time.

Block Height: The Genesis block with a height of “0 blocks” indicates that there is no block before it.

Number of Transactions: There is only one transaction in the Genesis block. It is a reward of 50 Bitcoins given for the Genesis block created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nonce: It is a one time variable used in the blockchain that miners change to add blocks.

Block Difficulty: This is a definition that refers to the difficulty of finding the given nonce variable so that the miner can successfully add a block.

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